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Production Company A-List 2015: Park Pictures

2015 September 29
PRODUCTION COMPANY A-LIST 2015: PARK PICTURES It was an incredible year for Park Pictures' Lance Acord, winning the 2014 Emmy for Outstanding Commercial for Apple's Misunderstood, the heartfelt holiday spot featuring a loner teen who makes his family a movie on his iPhone. Acord followed it up with another moving Christmas ad for the brand, The Song, featuring a girl and her grandma. Slightly more quirky but no less emotionally compelling was "The Boy Who Beeps" for GE out of BBDO New York, the story of a boy who can only communicate through beeping. And his Super Bowl spot for Nissan, "With Dad," had a nation bawling as he told the story of a racing driver and his son, once again demonstrating his talent for tugging at our heartstrings. Read more here.