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Vogue: Emmanuel ‘Chivo’ Lubezki and Lavazza Highlight Six Artists & Activists In Their 2022 Calendar

2021 October 12
“Our world is fragile, beautiful. Sometimes we forget. This edition highlights six artists and activists who are committed to change. My process begins in dialogue. How do you want to be photographed and where? My job is to translate their vision into images. Each image contains a personal secret, an evocation. Our locations across the globe were impacted by climate change. The shoots exposed us to alarming realities: glacial lakes that disappeared overnight, roads hot enough to melt tires. It made me terribly aware of how desperately we need the voices of these activists. Their work challenges us, creates community, makes us readier for the world’s beauty, stronger against its dangers. Ice is nearly gone, kelp has taken over the oceans. It is our duty as artists, as creators, as businesses, to bring these truths to the forefront and address them. And to celebrate those working for change, and to join them, as Ben Harper sings – with our own two hands. Thank you, Lavazza, for inviting me on this journey.” - Emmanuel ‘Chivo’ Lubezki Read the full article from Vogue Italy here.