Park Pictures

Shots: Georgia Hudson's Nike helps Gen Z find solace in sports

2023 October 19

Created by Wieden + Kennedy and artfully directed by Georgia Hudson through Park Pictures, this poetic campaign for sports apparel brand Nike champions physical activity as an effective way for young women to release the tension of every daily life.

The imaginative film follows a teen girl, Aika, who struggles with self-imposed pressures to get good grades, find a solid job and compare herself to her peers on social media.

She then goes on an unexpected journey to witness the pressures of perfection on Japanese women from different time periods, featuring Nike athletes such as skaters Yurin Fujii & Ginwoo Onodera and breaker Ami Yuasa.

With each visit, she realises she is not alone in feeling these pressures and gains confidence through sport to push through and unlock her authentic self.

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