The New Tenants Director — Joachim Back

Actors Vincent D'Onofrio Kevin Corrigan Lian Balaban David Rakoff
Producers Lance Acord Mette Ambro Jackie Kelman Bisbee Sam Bisbee Erika Hampson
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Awards Academy Awards - Best Short Film, Live Action (2010)
Film Festivals Tribeca Film Festival Los Angeles Reel Film Festival Milwaukee Film Festival Woodstock Film Festival

In this darkly comic outing, which won the 2009 Academy Award for Best Live Action short, two gay men move into an apartment building, little realizing that the flat owns a very complicated and troubled history. Suddenly thrust into tumult of which they have no prior knowledge, the couple must contend with an obnoxiously nosy neighbor, a strung-out-drug dealer, and an overly intimidating, gun-packing husband with a deadly agenda.