The Independent Director — Amy Rice

Actors Jodie Turner-Smith Brian Cox John Cena Ann Dowd Luke Kirby
Producers Sam Bisbee Theodora Dunlap Caddy Vanasirikul Ryan H. Cunningham Evan Parter
Executive Producers Jackie Kelman Bisbee Lance Acord Cody Ryder
Distributor Relativity Media

Elisha “Eli” James, a reporter at the Washington Chronicle, breaks the story that Yale University alum, Olympic gold medalist, and best-selling author Nate Sterling is running as an independent in the upcoming presidential election. His opponents are the unpopular Democratic incumbent and Senator Patricia Turnbull, a Republican who, if elected, would be the first female president of the United States. Eli befriends her idol, Nick Booker. She tells him that she has uncovered a conspiracy.