Farewell Amor Director — Ekwa Msangi

Actors Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine Zainab Jah Jayme Lawson Joie Lee Marcus Scribner Nana Mensah
Producers Huriyyah Muhammed Sam Bisbee Josh Penn Ekwa Msangi Joe Plummer Bobby Allen
Awards Sundance Institute Producer's Award
Distributor IFC Films
Selected Film Festivals Sundance Film Festival BlackStar Cordillera International Durban International UrbanWorld
In Theaters and On Demand December 11th

It’s been 17 years since Walter was forced to leave his family in Angola. Now he is picking up his wife, Esther, and daughter, Sylvia, from the airport to bring them home to his one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment. The reunion isn’t seamless. Walter cooks a welcome dinner, and Esther wonders who taught him how to cook. Before they eat, Esther says grace, revealing her thunderous new passion for Jesus. And later, Walter realizes that he has not moved on from Linda, his lover who moved out of his apartment to make way for the family. When young Sylvia starts to explore the city and takes part in a dance competition, she unexpectedly opens up a pathway of muscle memory for the family to rediscover one another.

Director Ekwa Msangi crafts a vibrant, eye-opening film full of music, atmosphere, and an emotional complexity that illuminates every character’s point of view. Farewell Amor is a human, intergenerational, and deeply personal look at an immigrant story—the type of story that has defined America since its inception.