Florence and Vince Haycock on The Odyssey: "We were looking at the fragility of relationships.

It's been more than two years in the making. Now The Odyssey, the film to accompany Florence + The Machine's album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, is complete. Conceived by Florence Welch and Vincent Haycock, comprising chapters that have served as individual music videos for tracks from the album, The Odyssey charts the singer's real and emotional rollercoaster in a succession of narrative-driven dance pieces, choreographed by either Ryan Heffington or Holly Blakey, and filmed in a series of evocative locations in Los Angeles, Mexico, London and the Scottish Highlands. 
With the release of the final chapter, for Third Eye, The Odyssey has also now been released in full on the Florence + The Machine website. And it was premiered at the Rio Cinema in Dalston, London on April 20th, followed by a Q&A session where Welch and Haycock discussed the project with AG Rojas.  
They started by talking about how it was conceived, some months after they had worked together on the video for Lover To Lover, from her previous album Ceremonials. Florence, experiencing a difficult period in her personal life, was already in contact with Holly Blakey. 
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