Chris Wilcha won two Emmy awards and two International Documentary Association Awards for directing and co-executive producing a TV version of Ira Glassí acclaimed radio show "This American Life" for Showtime. He has also directed promos, pilots and short films for MTV, PBS, Sundance Channel and TV Land, including "The Social History of the Mosh Pit," "So Five Minutes Ago" and "Second Hand Stories."

Wilcha also directed and shot a first person video diary called "The Target Shoots First," about his tenure in the marketing department at the mail order CD and tape club Columbia House in the early 1990ís. "The Target Shoots First" won lots of festival awards, was screened internationally and broadcast on Cinemax and The Sundance Channel.

Chris has directed numerous commercial spots, including recent campaigns for Canon, Chevy, Visa and Ford. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two kids.